Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review/Comparison: Wet N' Wild Coloricon Eyeliner in Deep Blue and Wet N' Wild Megachrome Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue

Wet N' Wild Coloricon Eyeliner in Deep Blue


Place bought:
SM Dept. in Fairview (it is also available in other Sm dept. branches that carries Wet N' Wild products)

Natural light:

Product dupe:
When I was starting with makeup, I bought a Fashion 21 eyeliner pencil in blue (I gave it away to my sister since I'm using higher quality eyeliners already, so I can't show you the product, sorry.) The Fashion 21 eyeliner in Blue is the exact dupe of this.

They both have the same matte texture, same length and same "crayon" hardness ( I have to warm it a bit before I use it).

 The difference they have is that the Fashion 21 eyeliner smudges a tad less and stay put on my eyelid longer than the WnW one, Fashion 21 eyeliner is cheaper (P89.00) and it comes with a smudger on one side of its pencil tip, but WnW eyeliner is a tad more pigmented than the Fashion 21 eyeliner.

W/ flash:

- price is very affordable.
- good for those curious people who are just starting with makeup.
- this eyeliner pencil is longer than your regular eyeliner pencil in the market. I wish Urban Decay eyeliners are this long..wahahaha!
- smudges easily. Good for those people who want a smokey eye look.

- smudges easily. If you are looking for an eyeliner that doesn't budge, this is not for you.
- lacking in pigmentation.
- quite hard to apply, but warming it up first before application can remedy this problem.

This eyeliner color is more of a matte navy blue that is quite lacking in pigmentation. One swipe is not enough to make it super opaque.

Wet N' Wild Megachrome Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue

P299.00 (I don't know why this is more expensive than the WnW Coloricon eyeliner since both has the same quality which is only so-so.)

Place bought:
SM Fairview (also available in other SM dept. branches)

Natural light:

W/ flash:

- stays put longer than the coloricon eyeliner.
- i like the shade.
- P299.00 (still affordable)
- easier to apply.
- a bit more pigmented in one swipe.
- good for smokey eye looks.

- P299.00 (not worth the price.)
- If I place both coloricon and megachrome side by side, the megachrome is drastically shorter than the coloricon. almost the same size as the sample size of Urban Decay eyeliners.

I actually like this color, unfortunately, the quality is also mediocre, but if I were to choose between the coloricon and this, I would choose this.


Color and Pigmentation:
The WnW coloricon in Deep blue and the Megachrome in Cobalt blue is just about the same color. The only difference is the texture of both eyeliners, with Coloricon as matte and Megachrome as metallic. In terms of pigmentation, the megachrome is more pigmented in one swipe than the coloricon and is easier to apply because it is a tad creamier in consistency.

- As you can see in the picture, the Coloricon failed the test in flying colors...hahaha! I only swiped my fingers ONCE on both swatches.

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