Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mini Haul: Etude House and The Face Shop

I kinda want to temporarily stop my hauling every weekend because I already have too much hauls than reviews, but I can't help it! I'm a lipstick addict and nail polish addict...and since my birthday is just around the corner, this is another "excuse" for me to spoil myself on my birth"month"...hihihi! (^_^)v

So I hauled again and I've chanced upon the new line of cosmetics from Etude House featuring 2ne1 as their models...I've observed that many people don't like the "in" color of this season which is Orange because it makes their teeth look more yellow, etc...I've seen orange lipstick or at least one celebrity or model that wears orange-themed makeup from different magazines, tv shows, commercials, etc. but I haven't seen a normal, average individual wearing this on a beautiful sunny day...good thing, I'm an abnormal, average individual...hahahaha!

I originally planned to buy the light orange one, but the SA who recognized me (I visit Etude House SM north edsa branch almost every weekend) said that I could rock the very bright orange one, so I gave in and I'm quite happy (swatches will be featured soon). I still plan to buy the light orange one though...

I'm thankful because even though I have a light medium to medium skintone, I have a neutral undertone (is this right?) which means that I could wear any color I want...hehehe! 

Anyway, again I was bored and visited the face shop and bought another nailpolish (swatches will be featured soon). I was planning to buy their migamisu skincare line, but I guess they have hiked up the prices bit, so I'm still thinking if I will still buy their skincare or not...

I'm already almost finish with my Etude House Mini Size U skincare set...yep! I'm so late!!! I've already finished up other things before I remember to make a review about it. I really have no time at the moment, so I'm very sorry.

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  1. I love Etude~~~and TFS nail polish is really a cheap but great product xD~!