Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long Review: Etude House Mini Size U Pore Smoothing Serum (Set)

Even before my skin recovered from the massive breakouts I had for almost 6 months, I've already been eyeing the Etude House Mini Size U products. Now, that I can use other skincare products besides that medications that I still use from the derma from time to time, I grabbed the opportunity to try this.

Etude House Mini Size U Pore Smoothing Serum
(comes with a sample size of the emulsion and toner)

Current Price:

SM North Edsa The Block

It's not the best skincare out there like what I've read on other reviews, but I'm not looking for a miracle product. I'm just looking for a simple moisturizer or serum that would suffice on moisturizing/hydrating the dry areas of my face. I don't even need skin lightening or anti-aging properties that always disappoint. I just want something that won't worsen my skin.

Active Ingredients:

(I was happy to see the "rice" ingredient because I've tried products with rice extracts in it (even brown rice tea) and it has always worked for my body.)

Other Ingredients:

I know that the main purpose of this product is minimizing pores and smoothing the skin, but I'm not really using this for that purpose, I'm using this because, in my experience, this is perfect for people with oily-combination, sensitive skin.

Mini Size U Serum
I use this sometimes in the morning, but this is better used at night in my opinion. I only apply this in the morning if I will apply makeup because this is a great face primer.

- milky white.

- reminds me very much of Johnson's Baby Lotion.

Consistency & Texture:
- almost like a gel cream and the texture is very light.
blends into a matte finish.


- did not cause breakouts or any kind of bad reaction.
- has a subtle scent that I like.
- nice packaging.
- absorbs quickly in the skin.
- not oily and blends in the skin matte.
- moisturize the dry areas of my skin quite well.
- it can also act as a primer because your skin feels soft, so smooth after applying this.
- did not made my my skin oily for the whole day which surprises me because by midday especially every summer, my face is like an oil mine.
- a little goes a long, long way. I've been using this for almost 2 months now and it's still almost full.

- not enough for super dry skin.
- for those who don't like a glass bottle packaging, this is not for you.

Mini Size U Emulsion (sample size)
I'm almost finished with this product. This is what I use often in the morning than the serum. I think this is great as a morning moisturizer than a night moisturizer.

- like a faded milky white.

- like Johnson's Baby Lotion, but this has a more subtle smell than the Mini Size U serum.

- like a light gel and has a watery texture.
I like this because it's like I'm blending "water" on my face.


- did not cause breakouts or any bad reaction.
- I love this because it feels like you're applying water on the face.
- absorbs quickly in the skin and also blends in matte.
- subtle smell.
- great emulsion for hot days like summer.
- not oily and it did not made my face oily for the whole day.
- the full size bottle of this looks simple, but elegant looking.

- I have to apply more in moisturizing super dry areas of my face. (not really a con, just a heads up.)
- those who don't like a glass bottle packaging, this is not for you.

Mini Size U Toner
it's a 2-part solution as you can see in the picture (liquid on top and the "powder" at the bottom). You have to shake it before using. Until now, I'm wondering what that powder is...

I'm not really a fan of toners because I don't think that I need a toner and my dermatologist said that there's no point in using a toner if your facial cleanser is already doing a great job, but I still like using this especially since the Etude House Milktea Cleansing Cream isn't that good at removing all the makeup on my face.

- looks like rice water.

- smells like a subtle version of Johnson's baby cologne (original one)


- did not cause breakouts.
- good at removing dirt and makeup residue on your face.
- doesn't make my skin oily after a few mins. like other toners I've tried.
- doesn't feel sticky and it doesn't make your skin feel tight after applying this.
- feels like water.
- smells good.
- full size packaging of this looks simple, but elegant.

-those who don't like a glass bottle packaging, this is not for you.

It's your preference if you want to use a toner or not. All I can say is that a toner (especially if the packaging is cute, smells great and feel good) is nice to have, but it's not a necessity to have.

***I'm not sure about the "pore tightening" ability of the Mini Size U line because I don't have large pores ever since I had a few sessions of facial diamond peel.

Would I be purchasing again?
- Probably, but I already purchased the Missha Rose Water skincare line. They have a BUY1TAKE1 sale until last day of April 2011 (I think). I will be using those next after I'm finished with the Mini Size U...then I want to try the Etude House Pure Joy skincare line for sensitive skin.

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