Friday, April 8, 2011

Personal Update: Pls. Read If you Have Time...Changes In My Blog Posting Will Be Made

I've realized that since I've graduated and found a job, my blog posting has been more about hauling stuff rather than reviewing stuff. I've also noticed that blogging already has become quite a chore for me instead of it being a fun, random thing to do once in a while.

Juggling my time with my family, work, and other personal stuff is already quite "hard" to do and I want my blog to become an escape from everything chaotic and a haven for my hobbies and interests.

With all that said (I have more to say actually, but it would be already too boring), I would like to make changes in my blog posting.

1.] I won't be posting "HAULS" anymore, so that it won't be time consuming for me to make a blog about it.

Actually, I've already said in one of my old blog entries that I do this "to keep track of where I've been burning my money" on and it is true, unfortunately, it also has become an excuse for me to haul more things because I'm excited to TRY or EXPERIMENT more products (well, mainly lip products), but do I finish them before it expires? no...because I already have too much than I could handle or use up.

Another reason is that, other readers may find "HAUL" posts as a form of bragging which is definitely FALSE. What can I say? There's no cure for an insecure bitch and do I buy expensive high end stuff? No. Not yet...hahaha! Anyway, I don't care about those kinds of people. I'm just saying what's really happening in the beauty community nowadays.

2.] My reviews won't consist of personal blabber anymore. (Readers may cheer on this one)

I'll try my best to make my reviews in an OUTLINE form, so that, it won't be boring. I know that sometimes, other readers don't really care with the introduction of the review and only read the juicy parts like the "pros and cons", how much, if the product sucks or not and the swatches. Are you guilty of that too? Honestly, I'm guilty of that because I also read reviews...hehehehe! Sorry, I'm brutally honest!

I'm kinda sad because I can't express my sarcastic sense of humor anymore...boohoo for me...hahaha! I guess you can expect that my reviews would be a bit more formal...Maybe I could still pitch in a bit of sarcasm here and there if I'm in the mood...whatcha think?

So are you ok with my new blogging format?
Should I delete my past HAUL posts?

Comments and suggestions are appreciated! (^_^)v


  1. Nah, I don't think you should delete your haul posts. I think they're still a great way to keep track of spending. Who cares about those jealous people anyway? They're worthless. XD

  2. maybe I'll just post my hauls every now and then when I have the time, I've noticed that can't post everything that I've hauled. Sometimes, I've already used up the product before I even remember to post a review about it..hahaha!

    Yeah, I really don't care about jealous people anymore...kinda sick of waiting for them to change for the better.