Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Review: Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat (My HG top coat)

So far, this is my HG top coat of all time. I have tried a few other brand top coats before and I always end up with a messed up newly painted nails or have line marks on my painted nails when I wake up after I've painted my nails the night before. It's frustrating that I was tempted to try this...

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
This is totally out of my budget price range, but I gave in out of curiosity to test if the reviews about this very quick dry top coat is true..and after almost a year, I am so hooked on this badboy that I'm planning on repurchasing it since I haven't found any top coat that matches my HG.

- dries very quickly, about less than a min.
- gives a very shiny finish.
- I like that it applies quite thick compared to other top coats I've tried.
- long lasting
- it quite chip proof
- removes easily, I just peel the nail polish off if I grew tried of my nailpolish...saves me some nail polish remover.

- expensive P400 a bottle (I bought it from digitaltraincase.multiply.com)
- not locally available as far as I know...
- has a quite strong chemical smell.
- other people do not prefer a quite thick top coat.

I am tempted to repurchase again, but if any of ya know if there is a cheaper alternative for this top coat, let me know asap!!!


  1. i love it too! the face shop's top coat is also good. =) i'm using the 2 alternately.

  2. I was planning to try the face shop top coat too! I'll purchase it soon! thanks! (^_^)