Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review/Swatch: Etude House Miss Tangerine VIP Girls Dear Darling Lipstick in OR207

Such a long name for a lipstick. This is actually the first lipstick that I bought from Etude House. The only reason I bought this is because I don't have any "true orange" color in my lipstick collection. Since I don't have any lipstick from Etude House yet, it was an opportunity to purchase one when their "Miss Tangerine" makeup line came in.

As much as I don't like joining the hype...any kind of hype (to make my reviews fair), the orange color of lipstick that they have here is quite promising...except the mediocre formula of their lipsticks.

As always, from the box to the lipstick, they really make an effort to make it cute and "princess-y".

more info.

the packaging...honestly, another reason why I'm always hesitant to buy this is because of its packaging. I know it's cute and "girly" for others, but I'm not really into that kind of category. Yes, I have a "girly" side because I love makeup and skincare, but pink and princess-y is an overkill for me.

I was planning to buy the lighter orange lipstick that they have, but the SA told me that this very bright orange suits me. I don't usually listen to salesladies, but I was thinking, "what the heck! I can apply this sheer to have a lighter shade of orange on my lips!". So, I agreed to purchase this.

I know, it's a "shocking orange" color in the picture, but looking at it personally, it is actually a lighter shade of this, nonetheless, it is still a bright color. I know, I need to buy a better camera next time.

SM Northedsa The Block


- like candy, specifically, orange flavored "Frutella" you still remember "Frutella" I don't know if they still make that kind of soft candy nowadays...I think "Sugus" is their new brand name now...I don't know.

not my personal preference.

- has a satin finish.
- applies semi-opaque to opaque.

- applies true to the color from the tube.
- pigmentation lasts quite long on the lips. It can act as a stain on the lips, IF! you don't put lipbalm first on your lips before applying this lipstick.
- affordable and locally available.
- applies smoothly on well moisturized lips ONLY.

- emphasizes lip lines. I think it emphasized every nook and cranny of lip lines I have and it sucks!
- not recommended for dry, chapped lips because it has a rather "dry" formula even if this has a satin finish.
- this color is not for everybody.
- smell is quite strong, but it's not really a con for me because it goes away after a few minutes.

As I've said, it can act as a stain, as long as you don't put lipbalm before you put this lipstick, but girl I tell ya! Your lips will feel dry like a Sahara desert. Not a good feeling!

how it looks like when I apply lipstick in "dabbing" motion. For me, this is one of the best technique in applying lipsticks, especially for lipsticks that has a mediocre to uhm...crappy "not good" formula.

with gloss. Sorry, it's blurry, but you can still see mah lip lines. I know, I don't have goodlookin' lips since birth and I've accepted that. I've had an allergy once and it made my lips swollen with 0% lip lines ala "Angelina Jolie" and all I can say is, it doesn't look good on me. hahahaha!

"full strength" application

Hope you weren't bored with my blabbing...I can't help it...hehehe!


  1. yes..sorry for postin' here again. I'm gonna use it for drawing =p anyway, I'm still doing my current project : balinese wayang art too, I'm gonna blog it soon after I finished it, more likely 10-13 full color artwork on paper (watercolor+mixed media) stay tuned ^^/

  2. it's okey! have fun drawing with the gel eyeliner! (^_^)