Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review/Swatches: Latest Batch of NYX Round Lipsticks In My Collection (Pic Heavy)

Another batch of Nyx round lipstick in my collection. Maybe some of you are already sick of seeing me having another NYX swatching fiesta, but the collector in me cannot stop...hahaha!

Well, for me, I think I already have "completed" my NYX round lipstick collection. Besides the fact that I've already satiated my "hunger" in trying different colors of the round lipsticks and I've already purchased the lipsticks in the collection that I feel I could wear whenever I feel like it, I don't think I'll be purchasing the odd colors from the bunch though. My mother would nag me out of my wits if ever she sees me wearing a black colored lipstick..hahahaha!

Maybe, I will repurchase someday or try their black label lipsticks, but for now, I have to finish at least a few lipsticks in my collection before venturing out to try different brands of lipsticks. (^_^)v I feel like a lipstick pirate! hahaha!

Ya, know the drill. Here's the swatches sistas!

NYX Round Lipstick in IRIS
I really don't like frost-finish lipsticks, but this looks quite good on me (in my opinion).

Natural light:
doesn't give coverage at all, but it would look good on top of another lipstick if you want to. 
It has that peachy undertone with gold shimmers.

W/ flash:

NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia
I though I would like this, but...not really. 

Natural light:
personally, the color of this lipstick is too dark for my liking. It makes me look tired. I already have quite dark lips and I don't think I want it to look more dark except if it's red...hihihi!

W/ flash:

NYX Round Lipstick in Louisiana
A hot pink that surprisingly brightens my appearance. I knew that this lipstick was the missing piece in my collection. I've always wanted to purchase this first, but it's always sold out.

Natural light:
the sun is already setting hence, the bad lighting.

 W/ flash:

NYX Round Lipstick in Peony
I was curious with this lipstick ever since I've seen this in a few blogs only. This is not really popular among the beauty bloggers and I find that this lipstick is underrated by many, because it looks scary brown in the tube, but actually it is one of the most wearable lip color I could find for my skintone and lip color. 

They should be more scared with the "NYX RL THALIA" because, in my opinion, with what I see in swatches from blogs, "NYX RL THALIA" is an awful color...doesn't suit most people especially with people of light medium to medium skintones with dark pigmented lips like me.

(just click the photo to enlarge)
you could see the bluish shimmer in the tube, very unique.

 Natural light:

I love it.

W/ flash:

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