Friday, May 27, 2011

On A Short Hiatus Again...

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now and since I am so busy with life right now, I've decided to TEMPORARILY restrict myself from blogger and limit my time in the internet. Why the internet? Because internet is eating at least more than 50% of my time. This means more time being a lazy person and less time doing things more important than this. Besides that, I've got personal matters to attend to like changing or at least improving me and my life for the better.

 I don't know why I still have to explain things to you my "cyber strangers" hahaha! I guess, this is my way of thanks for taking time in reading my reviews even though I don't think my blogs are as professionally and eloquently written like others.

Do not worry, I will still do reviews  from time to time after this short hiatus...and even though I am restricting myself from blogging and attending to other sites that I usually visit, I will still be an avid reader of my favorite bloggers.

Until my next review, Take care! (^_^)v


  1. "Because internet is eating at least more than 50% of my time" me too >.< gosh, I think I should stop this bad habbit> browsing all day long...sob*

  2. take care dear! aww, I'm a new follower and you're going away already *sobsob* anyway, I hope everything goes well. ^^

  3. @aisyah: Don't worry, I'm not permanently saying goodbye to blogger. I will still do reviews when I get back! (^_^)v

  4. @Lina: yes, it has become a bad habit for me, but this doesn't mean I won't post reviews anymore. I just have to restrict myself from the internet for now.