Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm back...and Very, Very Depressed with the Outcome of my Thesis Defense..

Hishashiburi des! (Long time no see in Jap.)

I'm quite happy that I'm slowly going to add more blogs/reviews in the near future because this second sem is almost over and I've finally finished my thesis defense.

It didn't go well as what I've expected, but I got a high grade nonetheless. I wish I could've goeten a higher grade for my effort because I know I deserve it...I mean, I did my best....I did a very, very honest work..

I've invested all my time and my mother's hard-earned money because I don't want to waste what we've all worked so hard for...unlike some students who basically cheated their thesis who got a higher grade than me (they got a 3.5 grade and I got only 3?!?! WTF?!)

What also made me so disappointed is that they only did an overnight experiment with their thesis by doing an in vitro and I wasted 3 months of my fucking life just to do this stupid experiment in vivo!!!

I admit that I did one honest mistake on one of my procedures, which made my experiment basically unreliable and insignificant, but to get a lower grade than those who cheated or did a very, very recycled junk?? I don't really think it's fair.

Maybe I have to cry my eyes out for this...I really have to let it all out to before I could move on....God knows the hard work and effort we've done for this. I hope He has a better reason for making this happen. I know I'll reap the fruits of my labor someday.

I just want to move on from my biggest disappointment so far and be happy with my life.

I have to focus now on the brighter side of me finishing with that stupid shit.

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