Friday, March 12, 2010

Review: Missha The Style Nail Polish in KH02

Howdy! Another nail polish's been quite awhile since I've done this. Here we go!

Missha The Style Nail Polish in KH02

W/ flash:
I bought this particular polish in SM north edsa. Kinda bought it out of pity to the sales ladies..I think no one ever dared to go in the store because sales ladies there tend to follow you everywhere you go which can be kinda annoying if you're not in the mood to be nice..yes! we have our days...

Natural light:

I love early morning sunshine! The best lighting eva!

Here is my very messy newly painted nail swatch.

W/ flash:

Ever wondered why i don't take the excess polish of the sides of my nails right after I finished painting it?
It's because it's easier to take excess nail polish right after you take a bath...the excess polish tends to peel by itself without ruining the nail polish on your nails. Try it!

Natural light:

W/ a special guest, my pet "Gulat" (meaning Stunned)...RIP....I was really depressed when he died at the same time after my thesis defense fail...


- dries easily
- doesn't have a strong nail polish smell.
- has many unique colors to choose from, if you buy online.
- true to the color in the bottle
- comes in a unique heart shaped bottle (great packaging still matters!)

- expensive for a small sized bottle (P120)
- cracks easily w/ slight chipping after about 3 days. I do heavy labor with my hands so the quality of any nail polish I try is really tested. 3 days for means a nail polish fail.

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