Monday, March 8, 2010

Collective Hauls

I've never noticed that I've purchased quite a lot (for me) than I normally do...It's not really me to buy something in a whim, but I really have a good reason why I bought these things.

First stop. Skincare!

 I bought the Avon Anew Rejuvinate Day Cream and the Flash Facial. I've heard great reviews about this Anew line that I've decided it's about time I purchase some especially this month!

I took the chance to grab some because with every purchase (acc. to the brochure) of an Anew Rejuvinate product that is worth P699.00, I get a free eye cream! (^_^)

 I got 2 eye creams because:
Avon Anew Day Cream = P699
Avon Anew Flash Facial (serum) = P899

Not bad! I'm planning to complete the line, but I'm currently kinda broke. hahahaha!

Second stop. BOOKS = love!!

On my past blogs about my frustration with my thesis, I promised myself that after my thesis defense, I will buy myself books written by RICK RIODAN and yes it's the Percy Jackson series. You may have noticed that I only got the chance to buy the book 1, 3, and 4...Book 2 was already out of stock and Book 5 is still a HARDBOUND. I only buy paperbacks (which cost me P289.00 each) because hardbounds are expensive (costs P600+).

I am very careful with my books so I don't really need the hardbound version. My other books that I've bought in high school still looks new, of course the paper aged with time, so that's normal.

 I've been quite curious about the story since I've watched the movie and it left me quite unsatisfied because usually, the BOOK version has the complete version of the story compared to a remake done in the MOVIES.

 One good example is the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Good thing, I've read the book because the movie only remade small parts of the story which is not as good as the BOOK version. I've already read them all last, last year so maybe I'll try to give ratings to books that I've read. I'm not good with reviewing books. I'm more of a SPOILER..hahahaha!

Third stop. The Online Haul!

This package took a very, very, very long time to arrive because I purchased these nailpolishes from Missha from one of my favorite online seller, thelittlecoolshop, last January 2010, even before I've purchased my last nailpolish from Missha in SM northedsa and it only arrived March 8, 2010...This was the first time I got my package this long, but it's not the sellers fault so it's ok! (^_^)

Along with my purchase, she also gave me freebies (^_^). By the way, the nailpolishes was P150.00..I know it's a bit expensive by P30.00 compared to what I've purchased in SM north...but it's ok..Colors are limited in  that Missha branch anyway...(^_^)

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