Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review: Beauty Formulas Nail Dry

This was some random purchase I did in SM hypermarket North Edsa long time ago. I was curious with this product because it says that:

* it can make your polish touch dry within a minute.
* Dries nail color without dulling lustre.
* Contains a moisturizing agent.

Ingredients: Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Alcohol Denat., Propylene Glycol

All I can say about the ingredients is that IT IS HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE, it's like alcohol and lighter in a bottle with a tiny bit of moisturizing agent which is the Propylene glycol (still has alcohol).

Now you ask why did I say that? Let's just say I'm quite familiar with medicinal/chemical ingredients with heiroglyphic descriptions. No, I'm not a chemistry geek (I hate chemistry), but studying (veterinary) medicine has it's advantages.

Directions for Use:
*Shake can well before use. Hold 4-6 inches from nails, lightly spray across freshly polished nail surface. Wait 60 seconds before touching.

- affordable (P200+ can't remember the exact prize), but it is not an alternative to Seche Vite. I would choose Seche Vite over this anytime.
- It will make your nails touch dry after a minute, but that's just about it. "Soft touch" is more appropriate for the "touch dry".
- has a cooling effect when sprayed on the nails.
- smells like hairspray which makes me wonder if it would be better if I sprayed hairspray on my nails (hairspray has a bigger can than this 100ml, which is almost empty after a few sprays). Haven't tried hairspray on my nails so don't quote me on that.
- doesn't dry out my cuticles, but doesn't moisturize it either.
- Won't protect your nails from marks (if you paint your nails before bedtime and see marks on your nails when you wake up in the morning, that's what I'm pertaining to).

Will I repurchase?
- I don't think so. I don't see this as a necessity for your nails. With me living in a tropical country, the hot weather can take care of the "drying the nail polish" part more effectively for free than this alcohol-lighter-in-a-bottle which is I think (Php200+). I'm not saying this product is crap, it's just so-so...nothing special.


  1. i havent tried exploring the world of nail colors. maybe in the future! haha!

  2. it's fun!!! (^_^) update us when you discover something new in the nail polish world! (^_^)