Thursday, January 7, 2010

MIA so Early???

I've been MIA (Missing in Action) this past few days because I've been really busy with studies lately. I'm trying me best to finish my thesis while there's still time. I want to graduate this March that's why I'm arranging many things and documents for graduation too.

I've also made an agreement with my husband because he helped me pay for my laptop. In return, I should refrain from doing too much blogging (no progress in thesis, no blogging) because he knew that I am enjoying doing reviews and such way too much. So I agreed. He also told me not to use the laptop for things that's not related to my studies (including blogging and playing online games).

Now, I'm almost finished with chapter 3 of my thesis (thank God!) and it will be passed to my adviser tomorrow. I just pray that my thesis proposal would be approved so that I could perform my one month long experiment then on with the thesis defense.

I'm so excited because if ever my thesis proposal would be approved, I can spare some time blogging and writing reviews every now and then during my experiment.

I'm just wishing and praying hard that I could finish this terrible, energy-absorbing, depression-inducing thesis before March so that I could say bye bye to my college life...I feel old with all the lower years as my classmate. I miss my batch and my APT peeps...

So I'll be writing again maybe this weekend after I've passed my thesis proposal. Wish me luck!

PS. Sorry for my haggard appearance and ginormous, raccoon-like dark's from lack of sleep and stress.

NO PAIN! NO GAIN! GAME FACE ON! (pats myself at the back...)