Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hauls 2009

I've been consistently hauling this year..I usually haul every week and or every month..Not the big hauls..just mini hauls that I've collected as time pass by...I just wish I posted my past hauls in this blog too...I was a blogger in multiply in the past, but I got lazy..hahaha!

Here are my collective hauls:

This was my very first online haul...I just started online shopping this year and I'm quite addicted with it...Anyway, I wish I did not delete my other consecutive hauls so that I could keep track of what I bought....breaking my wallet one item at a time...hahahahaha! Just kidding! I budget my hauls so don't worry!

Another package I got from Korea yesterday:

I've waited almost one week for this to arrive...I've learned my lesson not to order online on months that has many many holidays like December...hahaha! Delivery at this month takes longer days to arrive than expected.

Here's another of my mini haul I bought in SM the same day my package arrived...

And Yes! I'm also addicted in collecting different kinds of nail polishes..I've been collecting for quite sometime now and I'm also going to try to post reviews about the nail polishes that I've purchased in the past.

Now, I remember what my friend told me about my "collecting" habits she told me that I'm a "natural na basurera" (meaning I'm a natural garbage collector). That was the funniest description of me I've ever heard in my whole life! That's why I love my friends so much! hahahaaha!

I've been collecting different kinds of things since I was a girl...I still have my stationary and sticker collections that are in "mint" condition (the museum manager would be proud of me..hahaha!). I'm still collecting stationaries and stickers every now and then...hahaha!

Until now, I'm still secretly hoping that my stationary collections would have monetary value someday...ya know! like stamps!! (^_^) If there is, let me know!! (^_^)

I'm planning to make a review on some of the products I've bought in the past including this. So enjoy! Hope it would be helpful! (^_^)


  1. hey ive been breaking out like a maniac, i think its bcuz of my blush & concealer.. what skin food product would you recommend? i heard mganda mga concealer nila?