Sunday, January 10, 2010

Headache, Bodyache, and Sherlock Holmes

This week has been the most tiring week (so far) this 2010. Fortunately, my thesis is the least of my problems (for now) so I get to relax a bit. I was surprised that I've accomplishes many things this week, which means that I've worked very hard because the side effects of my hard work is taking place since yesterday!

I'm having a major headache right now and even if I want to, I can't do a proper review about the products that I want to share with ya'll. Thesis really drained my energy to the point that even if I sleep all day, it wouldn't be enough. Loss of appetite is also a sign of severe fatigue for me. This loss of appetite thing has never happened to me (except when I'm depressed...yes, I can't eat when I'm depressed..surprise right?!). All I want is sleep.

Anyway, weekend is always my happy day because I get to go out, shop a little, sleep more, and as usual I get to watch a movie with my husband once a week. My husband and I are movie junkies...If there is an award for the most avid movie junkie of all time..It would be us. We schedule every movie that interests us for the whole year up to the next. we are only on our movie hiatus when Manila Film Festival starts every mid-week of December upto the first week of January.

No offense to all movie viewers who loves to watch Filipino movies...It really is not my kind of thing, but I try to watch if it interests me. Thankfully, this week is the end of MMFF movies and the start of our schedule of movie marathon for this year. The first movie we watched this year 2010 is Sherlock Holmes and I tell ya, this movie really is a great way to start the new year right! At first I was quite disappointed because I thought "Daybreaker" will be the first one to be shown this year, but it's ok I'll just wait for it a little longer.

I'm not really good at reviewing movies (through writings) that I've watched even though I want to. I've watched so many already I can't count it anymore. Reviewing about it would take me ages to finish and I will just bore you to death. So I'll just say if the movie sucks or not and Sherlock Holmes did not disappoint!

Sherlock Holmes is a must to watch just like Avatar! This movie is as good and as deep as the book that you'd be amazed at how they did the story! One of the rare movies wherein the story is original and not predictable, coupled with great effects and great actors and actresses, this movie is a winner!

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