Friday, January 1, 2010

My Very Unusual Gift This Christmas 2009

What have you got this Christmas? I did not get much, but I still love each and everyone..even the unusual ones...hahahaha!

I got this gift from my brother. A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (Rose Edition)

I didn't know an army knife has editions especially for women..hahahaha!

I think he gave me this one for protection or when he gave me a tear gas spray on my sixteenth birthday..hahaha! I wasn't allowed to go inside the school premises when I brought it with me one day, but the guards in school are my friends so I left it to them for safekeeping while I'm inside school then I would get it at dismissal time.

It's a mini size so it fits my small hands..It's cute actually. My brother also gave my husband a mini Victorinox Swiss Army Knife this Christmas. My mini Swiss knife has a partner for Christmas! aawww! (^_^)

My Swiss knife didn't came with a leather case (bummer), but my husband's swiss knife did..

It looks stunning in daylight!

Especially in pairs! (^_^) Thanks for the gift, bro!


  1. Hello Sarah!

    Thank you for following me.
    I have a Swiss Knife too given to me as a Birthday Gift.

    Haha! I have a tear gas too!

  2. Thanks for following me too!

    We have quite weird, but great gifts! I guess they just love us very much! (^_^)