Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: Chapstick Lipbalm (Cherry)

I remember buying this on impulse, just because my husband and I were listening to Katy Perry's song, "I Kissed a Girl". We were laughing and goofing around in the car because of traffic. Then he curiously asked me if it's true that a cherry flavored Chapstick would taste like cherry.

I said, "I don't know. I haven't even tried Chapstick before. Let's buy one, then I'll eat it!! hahaha!"
Believe it or not, this is my very first Chapstick...I remember way back in high school (I have no clue about makeup) my first lipbalm was a Maybelline brand and I was so happy with it that it didn't really piqued my interest to buy this lipbalm eventhough this was popular among girls in my school.

So yeah...we went to the drugstore to buy one and laughed all the way home.

Current Price: 
at around P80.00 (I bought this last, last year)

Place bought: 
Mercury Drug, but it's also available pretty much everywhere in Watsons and other department stores in health and beauty sections here in Manila.

the good ol' packaging I always see my friends in high school use.

Simple, no brain-er design. Makes me remember my high school days.

Honestly, when I saw that it was made by Wyeth (popular for baby's milk formulation), I had high hopes for this.

Just for reference, I still have very, very dry lips (maybe due to my atopic dermatitis too). EOS lipbalms doesn't work on me unless when my lips are in its "normal" state (which does not happen often) and the only things that currently works for me is the The Face Shop lip care cream and my new Nivea Med Protection lipbalm (I have to review this soon).

Ingredients, Expiry date and other info:

it's great that this is double sealed for protection from nasty customers who likes to destroy and open new stuff, then they don't buy it.

it really is cherry scented, BUT it is not cherry flavored...yeah, quite unfortunate when I finally got to know it's not cherry flavored. So the song is kinda misleading??? hahahaha! just joking!!! hehehe! Anyway, although it is cherry scented, sometimes, the scent makes me a bit nauseous.

nothing. at least on me it doesn't have any.

Color in the tube is more of a berry red.

it feels a bit waxy and a bit greasy if you apply too much.

when applied, it's colorless. I've layered that (in the picture) many times and it still gives no pigment. Oh well, I didn't really expect any. I did not bother to take a picture of my lip swatch because the color (if there's any) won't show up anyway. My hand is obviously way lighter than my lips.

Does it moisturize my lips?
it does TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, but it's not enough to make my lips not peel.

Will I buy this again?
probably not.

Any skin reactions?

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