Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review/Swatch: Nyx Matte Lipstick in Sierra

A few months back (before I went totally MIA), I've purchased some NYX products and these were one of them. I'll just start with NYX Matte Lipstick in Sierra first because I will compared this to my NYX Round Lipstick in Sierra afterwards.

Current Price: P250-P300 (depending on where you purchase it)
Place bought: I bought this from Digitaltraincase

definitely a step up from the packaging of Nyx round lipstick, it is also longer in length than the RL (round lipstick) but the weight is lighter which sometimes make it feel flimsy although it's not. 

it has a slight pleasant scent (in my opinion), way better than the RL's soapy smell.


it obviously feels matte (duh..) so be ready to prep your lips with some lipbalm/lip moisturizer. I find that I like this even better than the NYX Matte lipcream because it doesn't dry the edges of my lips (which is a staple problem for me) even if I wear this all day.

amazing! This is the reason why I love matte lipsticks because of the great pigmentation in one swipe and if you're like me who likes to purse their lips every now and then, matte lipstick is great because it also lessens the risk of it budging or feathering.

NYX ML in Sierra applied sparingly (in dabbing motions). It's just like MLBB shade.

If you find a matte lipstick that looks chalky when you swipe it on your lips, it is better to apply it in dabbing motions to create an even look (you should put on a lip moisturizer first before doing this). 

I find that, sometimes, people would just complain about something so small like that and just throw or ditch the product without making an effort to make it work to their advantage. There are other ways to apply/or use a product ya know. 

NYX ML in Sierra full on application

Now, the comparison to my NYX RL in Sierra
Honestly, I was on the fence on getting the NYX ML in Sierra because I though the shade would just be the same like the RL one, but I'm obviously wrong.

NYX ML in Sierra has a brownish, slight reddish undertone unlike the RL which is more on the brown side with a bit of peachy undertone.

Swatched side by side:
if I were to choose, I'd go for the NYX Matte lipstick in Sierra than the RL because it's more wearable for me and the formulation and scent is way better.

Any skin reactions?
None at all.

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