Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Hit and Misses with My Skinfood Haul in the Mall...Honey Glossy Rouge Lipsticks (UPDATED)

Just want to share swatches and brief reviews about the items I got from Skinfood in SM North because they were on a 50% discount sale last June. 

They also had another sale last July...of course, I hauled again...hihihi! I guess I'll be making a separate swatch/review about the items that I bought last July.

UNFORTUNATELY! I lost both of the receipts from my June and July hauls. Yes, it's my fault and I'm sorry. I'm quite annoyed that this happened because for me, telling the current price of an item you're reviewing is important to inform future consumers who might be interested in purchasing the items we've reviewed.

If ever I find the reciept somewhere in the house, etc. I'll update this blog entry again.


I got all Honey Glossy Rouge Lipstick on sale for 337.50 each from a ridiculous original price of P675.00 each.

I'm going to give a somewhat in depth review of my first Skinfood lipsticks in Honey Glossy Rouge Lipstick Range (yep, it's quite a mouthful to write)

Skinfood Honey Glossy Rouge Lipsticks
Luckily, I only bought 3 of these lipsticks to try first because the saleslady did not give me any kind of tester (because all of the lipsticks are sealed and can't be opened until you purchase it). Only one of these lipsticks is a HIT while the other 2 are MISSES.

In nautral light:

Overall, they are an OK lipstick, but not to the point that I would want to buy again...except maybe for their lipstick that have the CREAMY texture and finish. I am not a fan of glittery (fine or chunky) or metallic lipstick of any kind, but if it's your thing, maybe you'll still consider checking this lipstick range. 

General Comment:
Pigmentation: Sheer (which is ok for me.)
Packaging: elegantly made tin material that doesn't look and feel cheap.
Texture: The lipstick range has a combination of glittery (fine glitters) to creamy textures, but again, all of them have sheer finishes. They glide on very easily, almost have a slippery feel to it. (which means they also disappear easily)
Scent: It doesn't smell anywhere near like honey, but this lipsticks still smells AMAZING.
Color Variety: has quite a wide range of color that maybe you might like, but majority of the colors are more towards PINK, which unfortunately, I hate. (sorry, for the pink lovers)

I really don't like the numbering system that they made to name the lipstick. I'ts a bit hard to remember a certain lipstick you like.


Honey Glossy Rouge in 683
I though I've already found the perfect orange lipstick for me, but this turns out to be a miss. From the tube it looks great, but it only gives little pigmentation with a whole lot of fine glitter which I hate so much!
As I said, it almost has that slippery feel to it upon application which means it rubs off very very easily leaving me with a horrible glittered lip (more glitters settles on my lip lines). The horror!!

In natural light:
looks great upon application, but there's a little bit gritty of a gritty feel to it. It also dried my lips a bit after a while.

w/ flash:
the color will not spread evenly and it will also look a bit patchy on chapped lips.

Honey Glossy Rouge in 385
This one is another of my random picks which is also a miss for me. This lipstick and the first lipstick I've ranted about (above) have the same problem for me...they're only difference is the color.

In natural light:
I've already layered this and it still looked like I only applied lipbalm with fine (and a bit gritty) glitters.

w/ flash:
This still looks like I only applied a tinted lipbalm on.

Honey Glossy Rouge in 363
This is the HIT. This lipstick has a creamy finish to it which I like. Actually, this was suggested to me by the SA in Skinfood and thankfully, I listened to her. 
This is the good thing about the Skinfood sales assistant in the mall. They know their products very well!!!

Pigmentation of this is still sheer, but it's ok because I expected it already to be sheer even though it looks great in the tube. This lipstick is still more pigmented compared to the 2 above.
glides easily, but disappears easily too.
Best thing about this is that it doesn't have the gritty glitters.

In natural light:
In this picture, it looks like the lipstick has a bit of glitter in it, but no, it doesn't have any. The glitters were just the residue of the first 2 lipsticks that I've swatched on my lips before this one.

W/ flash:
Unfortunately, the lipstick will still sit on the lines of your lips and dry your lips a bit, but not as much as the first 2 I've already mentioned.

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  1. hi Panda Eyes! great review here...

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    i used to live near sm north edsa. so i was an ultimate shoppingera and i was able to buy stuffs to bring here with me with my sm point/advantage card, hehe..