Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: Avon Naturals Rice Cleanser

Just going to make a short review about this cleanser that I have used way, way back even before I started using the Avon Rejuvenate line (which was a big fail to me)...

Avon Naturals Rice Cleanser
I'm always a sucker for any skincare product that has an ingredient with rice in it because rice is said to have brightening and smoothening effect on skin.

My original plan was that I really, really want to buy The Face Shop Migamsu Brightening Rice Cleanser because I've already tried the sample size of it and I love how it made my skin smooth and quite alive (because I have sallow skin)...I'm really going to buy that in the future...

On topic again!!!

When I saw this Avon Rice Cleanser in the brochure of my sister with it's introductory price of P99, I bought it right away...what have I got to lose right? but here's the outline of what I think about it.

- very affordable P99...I think it's currently already sold at P120
- it cleans quite well.
- it's only a mediocre cleanser...nothing special about it.
- has a very similar smell as the Ponds facial cleanser which is surprising and annoying at the same time because I don't like Ponds.
- white, creamy consistency...very foamy...

- quite drying on the skin, so you really have to put on moisturizer after.
- don't like the smell.

Would I purchase again?  No, sorry.

Here's what it looks like:

white, creamy consistency

Ingredients, Directions and Description of the product:

just click on the picture to enlarge

All in all, it's nothing special...That's it.

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