Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back with my Serious Skin Condition update + pics

I just finished everything that I have to finish from that dreaded ordeal I had with life...

So now, I'm back to blogging..really miss this...

I'm still adjusting my mood from my long hiatus so I'm going to blog little by little until I get used to this set up again.

Anyway, a few weeks before I've blogged about my skin condition that has turned bad since I start the Avon Rejuvenate line. I don't mean anything bad about the products that I've used..I'm just saying that it did not work out for my skin.

Then I've tried the pearl cream my mother bought for me and it also did not work and also contributed in making my face worse..making me break out all the more, BUT! I think the pearl cream and Avon rejuvinate line are still good products to try because they each have worked wonderfully on my sister and mother.

Another factor of me having more pimples is stress, hormonal imbalance and the ones that I've mentioned above.

So now I'm back to basic skincare regimen consisting of facial wash, facial scrub (used 2x a week), toner (used occasionally), eye cream, moisturizer (Clean and Clear oil-free moisturizer--my very first moisturizer that I've ever used that worked for me) and sunblock (for daytime).

I hope everything will go back to normal again because this adult acne that I have is ruining my self-esteem...I really want to cry out of frustration. Here's a scary pic of my latest skin condition.

lot's of hyperpigmentation from past pimple and new bumps...

Warning: the photos you will see below are disgusting.

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  1. hi Pandea Eyes! i suggest you make a trip to Etude House and buy their AC product line (light green containers) or their Baking Powder product line (sky blue/baby blue and white containers).. they really work well for me.. i hope they would help you too... although i was able to try them first via samples. then bought their set...