Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latest Collective Mini Loots as of now...

Just want to share my latest loots I've ordered online and in the mall. I'm happy and sad at the same time because I won't be able to haul and blog as much in the future because I'll be busy job hunting...yep! This fresh grad needs a job too.

Anyway, here's this month's loots.

I love Saizen!!! Where everything is only P85...hoho! I could spend all day going through all of their products.

First off, I've recently found out that another branch of Saizen opened last July in Trinoma. I'm really happy this happened because I rarely go to Robinson's Galleria...and when I say rarely, I really mean rarely...

Just got some Crap haul...hahahaha! Just kidding, all of these stuff are actually surprisingly quite useful in contrast to what I've heard from the guy beside me said while his wife was looking for stuff in the store. He said that all the stuff "are a piece of shit" and I'm quoting what he said word for word.

Next one is my package from digitaltraincase. (^_^) She's one of my favorite and trusted sellers in multiply! I'm quite surprised she still finds time to personally write cute notes to her customers considering her very busy schedule..(^_^) 
Yep! I'm a NYX addict!

and last, but not the least is The Face Shop
yep, I only bought one and this one is only a base coat. I've already ran out of my Etude House base coat and I'm running out of funds as of!! so I bought this one instead which is actually a better quality base coat than the Etude House one.


  1. It's only a base coat so I don't think it would have pigmentation (^_^)

  2. aww sweet loots! love the tiny brushes and and dotty tool. wish we had one open here