Monday, August 30, 2010

Swatches: NYX Powder Blushes (Part 1) **UPDATED PICTURES** (Peach, Mocha, Pinched, Angel and Desert Rose)

You know the drill! I'll just swatch them all for references. (^_^)

As always, the textures and pigmentation are amazing for the price! (^_^)

*** I took down the old photos because after doing a bit of scanning of my past reviews, I found that the pictures here is one of the crappiest I've seen so far and is very inaccurate. Since this post is usually visited most by people who want a good reference of the blushes, I decided to re-take pictures of my blushes. I hope this time, my pictures will be more accurate and less crappy than before. I don't have a DSLR, sorry.***

Place bought:
Online at Digitaltraincase

How much:
P300 each

All Pictures are "clickable" to enlarge!!! Enjoy!!!

All pictures were shot in Natural Light:


I had a hard time taking pictures of the exact color of Mocha in real life. The close up shot of Mocha is more accurate than the photo above.

(they said this is a dupe for Nars Orgasm...I can't tell if it's true 'cause I don't have a single Nars blush)


(almost the same as Mocha, but this is "redder" and go towards berry color)

All swatches done in Natural Lighting:


  1. I really like Peach and Angel! NYX are so affordable and pigmented ^^

  2. nice haul. i think angel and pinched are really pretty.

  3. Thanks for the photos, descriptions & pictures. It's a big help in choosing NYX blush & also knowing what shade in another brand they'd be close to in color. :)