Friday, August 27, 2010

If I Can't Do the Face, Then I'll Do the Nails Metallic Red...LOL!!!

I'm feeling like painting my nails with metallic red make a part of my body look at least...cheerful? less boring?

I used this.

This (including 2 other nail polishes I haven't tried yet) was only given to my by a relative from Canada..I guess they know that I also like nail polishes? Whoever gave this to me...Thank you!

after I painted my nails, I wasn't quite satisfied yet, so I made it matte with this...
(FYI: I bought this china glaze online for P370...I know it's kinda expensive for a small bottle.)

and it turned out great! (at least, for me)

I almost forgot, I used this as a basecoat...a good chance to try this for the first time...not bad for a base coat...I'm hoping that it won't stain my nails yellow if I take this off after a few days...(^_^)

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