Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review/Swatch: Tony Moly Crystal Glam Color Gloss #3

Before I start with my review, I was misinformed by the SA of Tony Moly last time that Tony Moly "flagship" store in SM North Edsa will open this month, June...I saw the "would be" store and it will open in July, not June...oh well...

Tony Moly Crystal Glam Color Gloss #3
This "gloss" is more like a hybrid of a lipgloss and a lipstick. It has a "moisturizing factor" of a lipgloss, but it's less pigmented than lipstick and even a liquid lipstick.


smells like a fruity candy...like Fruitella...do you still know that candy?

sleek and simple

quite thick, but surprisingly not sticky on the lips.

#3 is a light peachy nude color that can neutralize the dark edges of my lips.

-- I really like the smell of this gloss. It's not overpowering and it smells like Fruitella which makes me remember my childhood years...ahhh, nostalgia...

-- love the color! (^_^)

-- I don't know if a version of this gloss from The Face Shop one is better than this, but all I can say is that this is still more affordable than The Face Shop's one.

-- It's not drying to the lips, but I'd still suggest to apply lipbalm first, before this because it can emphasize all your lip lines, flakes, dry patches, etc. It will also help in applying the gloss evenly on the lips.

-- It's actually pigmented enough to neutralize the natural color/darkness of my lips.

-- Even though the gloss has a thick consistency, it is not sticky on the lips.

-- But because of the thick consistency of the gloss, it applies streaky! Honestly, the doefoot applicator is kinda useless because it distributes too much product and it does not help in spreading the gloss evenly. The best way to apply this is to put on a little at a time by dotting a bit of product and spreading it evenly using your finger. So, if you don't want to the hassle of applying the gloss with your finger, then this is not for you.

-- With correct application, it really looks natural and makes my lips look plump and healthy.

-- Lasts a bit longer than a lipgloss, so I can say the lasting power is ok.

-- In my opinion, this shade suits almost all skintones...just look at the pictures...since my skin is weird, it changes skintone in different lighting.

Natural light:
This is the unedited version...as you can see, the gloss emphasizes my lip lines.

Natural light:
(Edited version) I only erased my liplines because it looked horrible when it's up close and personal. hehehehe!

 Flourescent light:
I have yellowish skintone here, but the color of the gloss still suits me well.

 W/ flash:
I have a very tanned skintone here. The color looks like a very nude shade on my lips.

The question is, will I purchase more of this?
For me, it's just an OK product.
It's just nice to have, not really I would reach for very often.
I might purchase this only when there will be a Sale.

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