Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review: SkinFood Mushroom Multi-Care BB Cream w/ SPF 20 PA+ in #2 (updated)

This is my first bb cream. I bought this long before I was blogging and bb creams were not even popular here in the Philippines.

Product: SkinFood Mushroom Multi-Care BB Cream w/ SPF 20 PA+ in #2
(sorry, for the poor quality pic. This is a very old photo when my bb cream was still brand new)

P1,550 sa mall!! very expensive!! nabutas talaga ang wallet ko nun!!! hindi pa kasi ako nakahanap ng online seller nun e. =D

-has a fresh, clean w/ a subtle herbal-like scent to it that I like.

- more like a beige with peachy undertones which really helps in making the skin appear brighter.

First of all, I have a normal to combination, sensitive skin nowadays. I don't want to use whitening products anymore because I like my medium to dark colored skin so whitening properties of a product is not a concern for me, but I really sweat a lot even if I'm not moving that much.

- did not cause breakouts
- I like this product because it's not heavy or sticky on your skin.
- it doesn't melt even in a very hot day like today (summertime)
- it doesn't gives a very sheer - medium coverage
- evens out and brightens my skin making me look less tired.
- it doesn't make your face oily during midday. (for me, at least)
- you only have to use a very very very small amount of product for the entire face and neck.

- doesn't really help in treating pimples. (but I really don't expect any bb cream to heal pimples)
- expensive when you purchase it in the store. Better to purchase one online.


Natural light:

partially blended (notice the scar on the upper right corner of the back of my hand)

blended, but it has not settled on my skin yet, but after a few mins. it will blend with my skintone. You can see some brightening effect on the appearance on the back of my hand already. (notice that the scar is not that noticeable anymore. (^_^))


  1. gosh!! mahal..!!!! i definitely cant afford this but im curious w/ skin food products. i once checked their store & theyre really pricey. d nako nagtangka pumasok ulit. hehehe.. u truly get what u paid for!

  2. medyo mra siya pag sa online seller ka bumili...mga nasa 700-800 Php...Medyo mahal pa din pero matipid naman! (^_^)