Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23 (updated)

I think almost all people know what is a bb cream and the benefits of using it so I'll go straight to what I think about this particular product.

As you (readers) know, I still like the Skinfood Mushroom bb cream than the Missha Perfect cover one because the Skinfood one "brightens" my skin making me look less tired. Nonetheless, I would still recommend this product to people. This is still a good quality bb cream for me.

(sorry for the poor picture quality...this is a very old photo when my Missha was brand new.)

depends on which seller you bought it from. I bought it online for P800, I think...I bought this long before this Missha Perfect Cover BB cream is booming here in the Philippines.

a bit like baby powder of some sort. It doesn't bother me at all.

- more like beige with a bit of greyish undertone to it. me not likey, because sometimes, this can make you look a bit ashy.

- good oil control if I use it with the Missha BB Boomer.
- did not give me breakouts.
- it helped heal my new inflammed pimple before it got worse.
- evens out my skintone.
- sheer to medium coverage.

- can look ashy sometimes.
-can be sticky if you put on too much.
- didn't BRIGHTEN up my skin...When I say BRIGHTEN, I don't mean to whiten. What I mean about BRIGHTEN is that the product should make me look healthy looking like I've had enough sleep. After applying this to my face and let it set for a few minutes, my face still looked a bit tired.
- I hate the "pump" style. I don't get why people say that bb creams should come with a "pump" style tube... I've 3 reasons (so far) as to why:

1.] you waste more product w/ a pump than w/ a normal squeeze tube especially when you've almost used up all the product. how can you pump the remaining product in it? You can't squeeze it out ya know. So you'd end up cutting the packaging into 2 (because the pump is permanently attached to the tube) and transfer the remaining product to another container which is really annoying to do.

While w/ a squeeze tube, you can squeeze the life of that tube like a toothpaste and when you cut the tube into 2, you can see that there is not much left in the product because you squeezed it already like there's no tomorrow.

2.] People say that it is more "sanitary" using a pump than with a squeeze tube. Um, don't you think it still the same thing? You still use your finger or tissue to wipe off the tip of the pump and squeeze tube. If you say you don't touch the tip of the pump then you're not that observant. How can you clean the excess product that came out of the pump without wiping it? If you don't wipe it and let it be, don't you think it's more unsanitary and gross just by looking at a messed up packaging with product smeared inside the transparent cap?

3.] WHAT IF the pump is stuck and the product can't come out? I've experienced this kind of dilemma many times and the last time it happened to me, the product is still almost brand new and unused...talk about me being so pissed of...


partially blended. It looks a bit ashy...

blended, it evens out my skin nicely.

Will I Buy Again: 
I'm still thinking about it...there are still more bb creams to try...Right now, I'm interested in purchasing the MISSHA CHOBOYANG BB CREAM which has a matte finish...I've tested it in the missha store already...and it looks promising!


  1. Thank you for this great review. I like how you are very thorough and how you pay attention to details, kind of like me. I agree with the points you made here as well.