Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream

I've been very curious about this Skinfood Salmon Concealer since the product came out, I think last year? correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, since my sister in law tried this concealer at the store and fell in love with it ever since, I decided to buy her one as a gift. I was planning to buy pre-ordered cosmetics in Korea (through kkochipida) that month anyway, so I bought the number 1 for her (she has lighter complexion than me) and number 2 for myself, just to put my curiosity for this product to rest.

Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream

Current Price:
still a bit pricey for a concealer that is not high end, but this is still cheaper compared to the price that is being sold in Skinfood stores in the Philippines.

Place bought:
kkochipida (please refer to my side bar for the link of the online store)

Since I bought the number 1 shade as a gift to my sister in law, the product remained untouched and sealed until I gave it to her, so unfortunately, I won't be reviewing the no.1 shade anymore.

no. 1 shade

no. 2 shade

I still took a picture of what the no. 1 shade looks like. I know this pic is not really helpful in visualizing the actual product, but it's rude to open someone else's gift.

Artificial light:
Here is my concealer in shade no. 2

 Natural light:
shade no. 2 is the darker of the 2 shades. I don't know my skin shade number in MAC bec. I don't own any, but anyone who's darker than me will be having a hard time matching this to their skintone. It would already look ashy on darker skintone than mine.

As you can see, the product is creamy and easy to blend just by looking at it.

blends seamlessly without much effort.

- has a peachy/salmon undertone to it that helped "brighten" my undereye area.
- creamy and easy to blend.
- if you don't have much to conceal or if your dark circles are not that "dark" than this is for you.
- a little goes a long way.
- you'll get a huge amount of product for a concealer. I was wondering how I could use this all up before it expires.
- this would be great for dry skin people.

- cannot be used solely as an undereye concealer especially for really dark circles, this is more of a corrector than a concealer.
- it is scented. No, it does not smell like fish, thankfully. Unfortunately, it has a perfume-y scent that is sometimes overpowering for me, especially on my skin bec. after using this for quite sometime, I think my skin reacted to the scent and I had an allergy around the eye area....again...
- expensive for a non high-end concealer and not readily accessible to many.
- creases a bit especially if I did not set it with powder.
- this did not agree with my skin when I tried to conceal blemishes on my face. Every time I apply this on my skin other than the eye area, I was greeted with a zit the next morning. Maybe, because of the scent and the emollient consistency of the concealer. 
- limited shades available.

If you don't have super sensitive skin and you don't have much to cover, then go for this. If you have the same skin condition as I have, then ditch this. It's very unfortunate that this product did not work for me. I wanted to love it, I really do. I would have loved this if it did not give me any adverse reaction because this is a really decent concealer for the days that I don't need to conceal much and also a really nice corrector in conjunction with a concealer that I am using after putting this concealer on.

This product did not work for me, but that does not mean it won't work for you. If you're really that curious about this product, then try it. Maybe, you'll like it. 

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