Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Sasa HD Hydro Matte 2-Way Cake

This is the first time I'll be reviewing compact face powders that I have. Honestly, I'm not a fan of face powders bec. I don't think it is that useful for me. Why?

- I sweat a lot throughout the day...there's no use for me to apply a powder foundation/face powder if it will just melt away or cake on my face.
- Face powders clogs my pores faster and I have really sensitive skin already.
- If I want more coverage, I'll always choose a liquid foundation.
- If I want to have an "au natural" look, I will only use sunblock on my face.
- If ever I will use a face powder, I don't like re-applying throughout the day because honestly, I am a bit grossed out at the idea of re-applying face powders on a dirty face. I mean, do you always wash your face before you apply face powders?  I don't think so.
- If I feel my face is oily, I'll just use a blotting paper or a face tissue then wash my face with water.

So why the heck do I own a few face powders/compact powder foundation?
- Almost all of my face powders are only given to me as a gift. It will be rude to refuse a gift even if you don't want it.
-I only use face powders to set my liquid foundation or bb cream (which doesn't happen very often).

Having said all that, making a fair review of a product that I don't usually prefer using will be a challenge for me. Let's get it on!

(for a clearer image, click on the photos to enlarge)

Sasa HD Hydro Matte 2-way Cake

Place bought:
- This was a gift to me from my mother. She bought this in a Sasa outlet in Beijing when she went on vacation to China.

- I don't know. I did not dare ask.

do you agree that it has a Shu Uemura-ish feel to it, like the lipstick that came with this? The packaging is really sturdy, doesn't feel cheap and of really good quality.

here's the ingredients. This face powder was formulated in Korea, while the lipstick that came with this was formulated in Japan. 2 of the many Asian countries that makes great beauty products. (^_^)

Unfortunately, like many powder foundations from Asia, this face powder has limited shades available. This was the "darkest" shade that my mom chose. 

Mind you, I have a natural light tan skintone and I get a bit paler in cooler months, but this shade is still a tweeny weeny bit light for my skin. BUT! It's ok since my skin is acidic, the shade just blends in with my skintone after a few mins.

It may look a bit dark in the pan, but when applied, it goes on lighter.

here's the actual shade of the powder.

under the pan, it also comes with a good quality soft sponge.

As I've mentioned before, when swatched/applied on the skin, it goes on lighter than the shade in the pan.

- it is not chalky at all. It goes on seamlessly on the skin.
- it gives a smooth feel to the skin.
- honestly, even when I sweat a bit, it does not cake and it even looks better on my skin (giving me a "flawless" finish) after sweating a bit.
- great quality packaging.
- did not break me out or cause any adverse reaction.

- available in limited shades only.
- not readily accessible to everyone.
- as with all face powders that I've tried, it gives me a bit of whiteheads, but that's bec. I have very sensitive skin. Maybe it will work for you.

Sorry for the long post, 'till my next blog! (^_^)v

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