Sunday, August 21, 2011

(Long Post) Battle of the Affordable Makeup Removers: Maybelline Lip and Eye Makeup Remover vs. Etude House Lip&Eye Remover

Oh yes! It's just LIP&EYE REMOVER...scary description, but I think we get what this is supposed to do.

I've read so many reviews about this and some said that this is comparable and even better than the Maybelline lip and eye makeup remover. For me, yes, it CAN be comparable to the Maybelline lip and eye makeup remover, but it doesn't perform better than Maybelline.

I feel that, sometimes, people could get carried away with the cuteness of it all, the packaging, the marketing,etc. and I don't blame them for that bec. I'm a sucker for great packaging too, but since I've tried so many products, I've learned to see the difference of one product from another, not in a biased way.

Etude House Lip&Eye Remover
has a bilayer composed of an oily substance and "water", just like any other waterproof lip&eye makeup remover.

Current Price:

Place bought:
Etude House flagship store in SM north edsa The Block

- like baby oil

description w/ a special appearance of kitteh:

- removes waterproof eye makeup easily.
- is affordable for P198
- packagaing is cute for most people, for me it's just ok...

- stings my eyes for just a teeny weeny bit. Now, I've realized I have sensitive eyes too.
- gives me blurry vision for a few minutes.
- since my skin is sensitive too, the skin around my eyes also stings a teeny weeny bit.
- smells like baby oil which I'm a bit iffy about. It makes me think that I'm applying baby oil around my eyes. Baby oil is kinda harsh to be a makeup remover especially around the my opinion, at least.
- feels a bit oily after applying this on my eye area.

Maybelline Makeup Remover
Sorry, it's almost empty when I remembered taking a picture of this...since I don't do haul posts anymore, I usually remember taking pictures of products that I'm going to review when the product is almost used up or if I have already finished it. I'll still try to take pictures of products in their brand new state to at least make my post look more....organized? (^_^)v

as you can see, the Maybelline makeup remover also has a bilayer of "water&oil" that you shake/mix up before using, same as the Etude House one.

Place bought:

Current Price:
P99.00 (this is the smaller version of the regular sized Maybelline lip&eye makeup remover). The regular size is P199.00, just a peso difference from the price of Etude.

- no scent at all, which I'm very, very thankful for since I already have a very, very sensitive eye area.

ingredients and description of the product (yes, you can click all photos in my blog to enlarge)

- removes waterproof eye makeup easily.
- no scent at all.
- did not sting my eyes and eye area one bit.
- did not give me blurry vision
- comes in 2 sizes (small at P99 and regular at P199)
- eventhough this is a peso more than the price of Etude, it is still fairly affordable.

- still feels a bit oily after appyling on the eye area like Etude, which is what you expect in almost all bilayer eye makeup remover.

It's obvious that for me, the Maybelline lip and eye Makeup Remover wins!

What made the difference for me?
- the SCENT. For people with extremely sensitive skin, who easily experience an allergic reaction to scents (at least on my face, since I can still put on certain perfumes on my body without any allergic reaction), I think Maybelline is the one for me. I still like the makeup remover by Etude bec. it still does the job in removing eye makeup, but I would love it if it doesn't have any scent at all.

My Etude House lip&eye remover is already finished for quite sometime now and my Maybelline makeup remover is almost out too, so I'm alternating the Lancome Bifacil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) as my current lip&eye makeup remover. After I've finished my Lancome Bifacil, I will switch back to Maybelline and EVOO bec. these suits my skin more than the Lancome and Etude.

If ever there will be a new makeup removing product, I am still open to try, use and review them, but I will still keep on coming back to EVOO and Maybelline.

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