Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Celeteque Facial Moisturizer

I can still remember what my dermatologist has told me, "you only need to put on moisturizer when NEEDED." meaning, I only have to apply it on dry areas of my skin since almost the whole area of my skin is oily already.

After quite a traumatic experience with almost a full blown breakout, I've learned my lesson to not (ever) believe in what almost all people in the world believes..."You still need to apply moisturizer even if your face is already oily"...Yeah, I've heard that many times before...and I'll slap myself if I will believe that shit again.

Now that my acne is under control and my scars have faded immensely from how horrible it looked like in the beginning, I'd rather believe my dermatologist and my gut feelings, thank you!

Now, the question is, what moisturizer will I use that is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, oil-free, especially formulated for sensitive skin, no coloring added and affordable? Many people would say Cetaphil, but I tried that in the past and all I can say is, we're really not meant for each other...hehehehe!

So, temporarily, Celeteque would be my moisturizer for now.

I only bought the smallest one (50ml) for only P149.00 (I think) in Watson's
They also have bigger sizes of this, but because I use moisturizer sparingly, this little tube lasts quite a long time on me.

Other information that you would like to know:

it's good to know that they also indicated the expiry date unlike other products in the market.

 Brief Description

 I know, some of the ingredients are quite alien to some of us, so just ask Mr. Google.

- did not cause any bad reactions/breakouts.
- feels like you're applying water on your face.
- non-comedogenic
- fragrance free
- hypoallergenic
- no color
- not sticky
- dries into a matte looks like you did not put any kind of moisturizer on.
- moisturizes and calms my skin when it's irritated.
- affordable

- it's just a simple moisturizer..that's it. If you're looking for any kind of anti-aging, whitening and all of that hokus pokus of pure awesome-ness, you're not going to find it here sorry.

What it looks like:

my son was a happy volunteer in the following pictures:

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