Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Aqua Massage Cellulose Sponges

A few months ago, I blogged about these cellulose sponge that I want to try (out of curiosity) in one of my hauls. I'm not really the type of person who likes to use many different kinds of bath products and tools in one go. Just a decent smelling soap (like Ivory, Dove, Olay,etc), any kind of exfoliator (loofah, washcloth,etc.) shampoo and conditioner and I'm good to go. I can proudly say that I'm pretty low maintenance in the bath department since I can remember.

So now, out of impulse buying again, I bought these cellulose sponges that I think I can live WITHOUT after trying all of these. It's not that it's not a good product, I just don't see a necessity of owning one of these.

I bought all of these at Watsons,  if you're wondering where I got it...

Aqua Massage Cellulose Sponge
for Kids

This sponge is actually for my son, and according to his observations:
 (I interviewed him while giving him a bath)

- It's not scratchy.
- It's soft.
- It dries quite fast after use.

- absorbs too much soap.
- too smooth to use as an everyday mild exfoliator.
- it smells like a combination of algae,dirt and plant. (Take note that I've washed the sponge 3x before using it on him.)
- Price: P94.75 (only for this? seriously?!)

This is what it looks like without the plastic wrapper. Mango shaped sponge.

 Aqua Massage Facial Sponge

I bought this because I thought that this would have the same texture (which is smooth and soft) as the facial sponge that are used by my dermatologist...hmm..I guess I was wrong...

- it can be used as an exfoliator, but use a very light hand when using it.
- I also use this to remove bentonite clay mask on my face.
- used this on the nose area where my blackheads reside and I think it's quite effective (temporarily)
- bought this for P49.75...quite affordable.
- dries quite fast after use.
- easy to clean.

- too rough for sensitive skin...I used this once with a heavy hand and my face felt like I scraped my face on the pavement...not a good feeling I tell ya!
- smells like a combination of algae, dirt and plant.

Aqua Massage Body Sponge

I bought this for myself to use as a mild everyday exfliator. I guess this is gentle for sensitive skin 'cause it says "GENTILE"

Actually, I regret buying this because it's not only quite expensive, I has the same texture as the cellulose sponge that I use on my son...same texture cellulose sponge + higher price = epic fail

- not scratchy and soft.
- dries quite fast after use.

- too smooth for my liking. I need something that is smooth at the same time it should also has the ability to mildly exfoliate the skin.
- same smell like the others (algae,dirt and plant)
- expensive..P104.75

This is what it looks like without the plastic looks like a typical car sponge...maybe I'll just use this for the car...


  1. because your not going to use it everyday.... you should accompany it with other facial cleanser that won't dry your skin out cause what it does it make you skin rough because it exfoliated... it did the same thing to me too, my skin became rough the first time I used it but as days go by my skin feels softer using it.. just accompany it with non-toxic cleanser too..

  2. I don't use the facial cellulose sponge everyday because I know it exfoliates the skin...the texture of the sponge is just too rough for my skin.