Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick review/Swatches: Etude House Nail Polish in GR602

After a long time since I've hauled this nail polish with others* (which I will review next time) in my last, last Etude House haul, I will finally give a quick review about this.

Natural Light:

Yeah! it's a cute pastel green color in the bottle (^_^), but I'm really NOT feeling it's cuteness on my MIDGET nails...How I wish I would have long nails like other normal girls...*heavy sigh*...I think short, midget nails cannot give this cute color justice compared to long, elegant nails which would look great!

W/ Flash:


- locally available in the Philippines.
- very affordable (P40 something..yes, I have a short term memory..hahaha!)
- dries quickly.
- doesn't have a very strong chemical smell.
- comes in other cute colors.
- applies true to the bottle.

- a bit streaky.
- lasts for 3-4 days. (which I personally don't mind because I easily get bored with the same color on my nails after a week.)
- a 3 coater.


Natural light:

W/ Flash:

hope this helps!


  1. It looks really lovely in the bottle but it seems to neon in reality.

  2. you're right! (^_^) and I'm not liking the neon color on my nails...(-_-)...

  3. Cool..
    Is the brand any good? thought of purchasing it too:-)

  4. Yes. (^_^) you can find many quality products at an affordable price...from skincare to makeup, etc. in Etude House. (^_^) In general, the quality of the products ranges from so-so, good to quite impressive actually...

  5. it looks mellow on the bottle i was shocked it turned out neon..

  6. I was really surprised with the neon color too. I don't really like neon colors on my looks very weird...(-_-)...