Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April's Full: of NYX haul and gifts from my brother and sister in law

Yes!! I'm going to do a very quick update! Just taking a quick break from reviewing...

 This is a continuation of my Mega haul of the month to celebrate my birthday!

I've never imagined to be addicted in blushes, especially cream blushes, but I got to admit that I'm enjoying collecting NYX cream blushes and I'll keep on collecting until I'll move on to their powder blushes..woohoo! By the way, I ordered this from Digitaltraincase 2 weeks ago (^_^)

I just ordered 1 round lipstick (P170) for now, so that I could focus more on collecting cream blushes (P360). 

This next items was given to me as a graduation and birthday gift...Awwww!!

My brother and sister in law went to Hong Kong last week for a 3 day vacation and I was surprised that they bought me 2 of the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Eyeshadows. =^_^=

I was a bit guilty because each eyeshadow costs $128 hong kong dollars which is the reason why they didn't have the chance to buy more gifts for other members of the family....yes...I feel very guilty, but touched at the same time...I know my brother is a bit stingy, but I didn't know he would allow himself to spend on something for a ridiculous hobby of mine. Again, Thank you very mush brother and sister in law o=(^_^)=o

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  1. how generous nman of them!!! one time big time pasalubong nila sau, ayw mo non!??