Thursday, April 8, 2010

April's full: of The Face Shop and Avon Haul

Yep! After holy week, I already made a mini haul for 3 reasons:

1) because this is my birth month.
2) because graduation is over and I need to buy me a graduation gift..hahaha!
3) because I'm depressed...You see, I've saved my money last march so that I could have my April shopping spree. Unfortunately, for SOME UNKNOWN REASON, I've lost quite a big sum of my savings and I'm very pissed because I did not spend on anything last March!!! shit!!! some of my savings is missing...

So yeah! on with the haul!

I checked out The Face Shop last Sunday to look for nail polishes that would go great with my graduation outfit and to add another batch of nail polishes on my collection of course!

love this batch!! Also got a bubblegum scented nail polish remover because I'm running out. All of them are still P95 each (^_^)

I also went to Avon and bought the Rejuvenate night cream which is fortunately, on sale for P699 (it really pays to wait for a sale!) to complete the rejuvenate skincare line that I will be using in the near future because I'm already running out of skincare products..Maybe, if I get the chance NOT to be lazy, I will review all the skincare products that I already used (pictures are still stored in my pc).

I also bought a small perfume called Angel Locsin (Philippine actress) Wish of Happiness perfume. I honestly did not like the smell. Fortunately, it was on sale for P149. 

I'm very picky about perfumes especially the generic ones because they tend to make me nauseous. 
I'm not a cheap perfume snob. 
My nose and my brain just reacts badly to chemical smells. Usually, cheap perfume has a very overpowering, generic chemical smell that is very familiar (like everyone is using it) and doesn't sit well with my body chemistry when I've applied it. They either tend to smell super gaggingly sweet or super gaggingly " magazine- scented perfume for men". 
Compared to not-so-very-affordable once or high end ones which clings to me like my second skin and it
doesn't smell overpowering, but it's still there all day. Do you know what I mean? 

Anyway, I still have more gifts this April to hoard....bwahahaha! Damn! Why do I sound a bit bitchy today??

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