Friday, September 20, 2013

Review/Swatch: NYX Matte Lipstick in Merlot and Sweet Pink

Just making a long overdue post about the NYX products that I have purchase in the past.

Remember these? I've already reviewed the NYX Matte lipstick in Sierra in the past, so I'll just babble on with the other 2 Nyx matte lipstick hehe! Most of the description about the lipsticks are just the same with he NYX Matte lipstick in Sierra, so you can skip the descriptions and just go look for the swatches.

Current Price: P250-P300 (depending on where you buy it)
Place bought: I bought this through Digitaltraincase

It is longer in length than the RL (round lipstick) but the weight is lighter which sometimes make it feel flimsy although it's not. 

it has a slight pleasant scent (in my opinion), way better than the RL's soapy smell.


it obviously feels matte (duh..) so be ready to prep your lips with some lipbalm/lip moisturizer. I find that I like this even better than the NYX Matte lipcream because it doesn't dry the edges of my lips (which is a staple problem for me) even if I wear this all day.

amazing! This is the reason why I love matte lipsticks because of the great pigmentation in one swipe and if you're like me who likes to purse their lips every now and then, matte lipstick is great because it also lessens the risk of it budging or feathering.

Merlot is more of a deep berry wine color.

Full on Application:
It may look like a bright berry color in the picture, but in person, it looks more like a deep berry red.

Applied sparingly:
Applied in dabbing motion

Sweet pink is a cool toned pink.

 Full on application:

 Applied Sparingly:
also looks great as a tint.

Who says pigmented, matte lipsticks are only good for special occasions?